CSR Ranking 2020

The reference for the list is taken from the Top 100 companies in India for CSR in 2020, where India’s top contributor company are listed but we’ll be highlighting only FMCG company’s who are in the top 100, check out the list below:

a) ITC – Ranked number 4th in the list, ITC has spent Rs. 326.49 crores on CSR initiatives in 2019-20. ITC has active projects in education, environmental conservation, sustainable agriculture & many more. ITC’s belief that a company’s performance must be measured by its Triple Bottom Line contribution to building economic, social and environmental capital towards enhancing societal sustainability. ITC is a conglomerate hence it is important to note than the ranking they achieved out of their CSR work is not fixed with their FMCG business. Read more about ITC CSR here

b) Hindustan Unilever Limited – Popularly known as HUL, got the rank 7th in the list and has spent Rs. 142.20 Cr on CSR in FY 2020. HUL, works on the basis of USLP (Unilever Sustainable Living Plan) and has three global goals: to help more than a billion people take action to improve their health and wellbeing, to reduce the environmental footprint of its products and to enhance the livelihoods of people as they grow their business. Read more about the HUL Sustainable Living here

c) Godrej Consumer Products Limited – Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. (GCPL) spent Rs. 19.49 crore on CSR initiatives in FY 2019-20. Although the spending is 23% lower than the prescribed Rs. 25.34 crore, the impact of long term projects give it the 8th ranking on our list. Public health, waste management, livelihood with a focus on women are some of the focus areas.
GCPL CSR is partnering with the Government of India to eliminate malaria by 2030. Read more about the GCPL CSR here

d) Nestle India – Ranked number 41 in the list and has spent Rs. 38.31 crores, which is more than the recommended 2 per cent. Nestle CSR focuses its efforts in society on the three pivotal ambitions of enabling healthier and happier lives for individuals and families, on helping develop thriving and resilient communities, and on stewarding the planet’s natural resources for future generations, with particular care for water. In 2019, the company won “Best Overall Excellence in CSR” at the National CSR Leadership Awards. Read more about the Nestle India CSR activities here

e) Marico – Ranked number 56 in the list, Marico spent Rs. 19 crore on community welfare activities last year. Company’s flagship CSR programme is ‘Kalpavriksha’ directed at bettering the lives and produce of coconut farmers. Marico’s six long-term sustainability focus areas include responsible resource consumption, climate change, circular economy, sustainable supply chain, product responsibility, and community development. Read more about Marico’s Make a Difference here

f) Tata Consumer Products – Ranked number 60 in the list, they runs small-to-largescale CSR initiatives in the communities where it operates. TCPL has spent Rs. 10.85 crore in the FY 19-20, 20% more than the prescribed budget under CSR. To more about the TCPL sustainability click here

g) Dabur – Ranked number 63 in the list, has spent Rs. 27.8 crore on various initiatives in the year 19-20. The company spent around half of its CSR budget on programmes directed to meet nutrition needs of poor & needy. 700 Se 7 Kadam is a flagship CSR initiative aimed at protecting the dignity of women in rural India, with Dabur constructing nearly 3,882 household toilets in these states, covering all the households in the adopted villages. To know more about the Dabur’s Be The Changes initiative click here

Why Corporate Social Responsibility is required

Other FMCG Company's and their CSR participation

The Corporate philanthropy in India is popular among many Industries and to be able to place themselves in the top 100 is an achievement. India is a Information Technology hub and company operating in the business are more active in CSR’s domain. If we look at other Indian FMCG company, who could not make it into top 100 there are many well known company’s who are also putting significant contribution in the crowded & diverse Indian FMCG market. Here we’ll be highlighting some of the popular company’s CSR activity:

a) Procter & Gamble – Popularly known as P&G, it comprises of more than 13 leading brands like Pampers, Whisper, Gillette, Tide etc. Their flagship CSR program known as P&G Shiksha, built and supported more than 1800 schools that will impact more than 1.4 million underprivileged children. They also focus on providing comfort to families in times of a disaster through donation of health and hygiene products, monetary contributions and donation of P&G Purifier of Water. Read more about P&G 2019 Corporate Citizenship report 

b) Adani Wilmar – Adani Wilmar Limited (AWL) is a joint venture  between Adani Group and Wilmar International Limited – Singapore, Asia’s leading Agri business group. Their most popular brand is Fortune under which they have wheat flour, edible oil, Basmati Rice and many more. The CSR vision of the company is to Improve Quality of Life for All our Communities through Integrated and Sustainable Development. Their flagship project SuPoshan caters to the malnutrition and Anemia amongst children, adolescent girls and women in reproductive age in India.  Read more about the Adani Wilmar CSR work here

c) Reckitt Benckiser – RB’s have some of the prominent brand in India mainly focusing on health & hygiene and some of these includes Dettol, Veet, Vanish, Durex, Lizol, Harpic and many more. Company believes in business with a purpose and have made it their responsibility and purpose to help people live healthier lives. RB launched an ambitious five-year programme ‘Dettol Banega Swachh India’ in 2015, to address the need of hygiene and sanitation in India with a commitment to invest a sum of INR 100 cr towards this initiative.