Shop to save the planet -

Shop to save the planet – It is not just another fancy term to hashtag with. Shopping online reduces the carbon emission compared to driving to stores. 

The corporate has the strength and the capabilities to bring the change in the society through their action. Company would always follow the demand and supply rule created by the community and if the consumer start picking those company who are promoting the sustainable development in their business, it will give them additional support to continue to follow these steps.

It’s an appeal to the consumers to make the choice which is sustainable in the long term. 

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Online Grocery shopping is here to stay

Despite having such a confidence boom of  electronics buying via online mode the trap of buying grocery online is still nascent, considering the size of Indian market. There is no denying in the fact that mobile is the pick of the pick in the online shopping world, but grocery shopping is going to be one of the web evolutions that India will witness in coming years.

But slowly, the trend of online shopping is reaching to the non urban area also and post covid there has seen a sharp rise of new customer base who can trust online sellers.

When trying to find time to do your favorite thing is getting more difficult, than how a person would be able to find time to go to store and choose the essential items for daily needs. Going here and there to locate the compartment where your desired item is placed in the store to standing in the long queue to pay for the item are very exhausting. So if convenience, genuine product and best price are of prime importance to you, then you should try buying grocery/household items from Amazon through our platform. Buy here and help save the planet

Advantage of Online Grocery Shopping

Online grocery/household item stores have a larger variety of products available compare to what you find at your local store or hypermarket. Listing down the other advantage of online grocery shopping.

  • Product Discovery is easier with easy to read product instruction.
  • Online stores keep offering coupons, cashback, rewards which helps user to receive additional savings.
  • Shop is 24/7 open, you can browse the aisles anywhere and anyplace and time saved going to and from to store is unmatched.
  • No worry of on road traffic, fuel wastage, finding parking, handling of bulky items. Online delivery gives you all these comfort.
  • When shopping online, you know your cart value all the time and this way you can save on impulse purchase made at stores which helps in additional saving.