Fast moving consumer goods products needs arise almost daily in our life as a matter of fact, an average Indian family most of it’s monthly or yearly spending on products produced by these companies. The reason are simple because items from these companies mostly contains our daily essentials like food, beverages, hygienic etc and hence their demand can’t be ignored. With this comes another fact that most of the packed products of any category creates lots of plastic pollution and many products generates lots of industrial pollution or might not have created or sourced sustainably to keep their profit high. But in the 21st century we do not need greed but sustainable solution and you as a consumer has the power to do so.

You all might be aware of the word Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) under which company’s needs to spend 2% of their profit in philanthropy or charitable work in the society and it is guarded by the law, means company’s have to follow it. This gives us few very simple equation to choose which are direct and indirect in nature:

Sustainable Indian FMCG company

  1. Direct Approach – We only buy products from the company who are doing ethical business from sourcing to delivering and one has to admit that there are only of bunch of finger’s counting company like these who follows entire sustainable route. As of now because of the consumer demand is also low for such product maybe because of awareness, the supplier’s are also very less which means the company has to offer premium price to keep itself afloat. If you could find those company who are making product of your choice at your choice of price than please go for it and spread the goodness of such product or company to make it more popular among your network of people.
  2. Indirect Approach – As large chunks of audience prefers cheap and best product above everything hence it became important to buy products from those company’s who are committed towards the society through the CSR means as this way they are improving the livelihood of the community. Major global company’s have adapted the 17 SDG goals to improve the stakeholder’s engagement and if consumer also start promoting those company who are doing their indirect part towards climate change, women empowerment, responsible consumption and production by buying their product to increase their sales. Maybe the more number they have in their balance sheet the more they’ll spend in their CSR as per law & obligations. This way by choosing the right company for your daily need you are indirectly promoting SDG and sustainable future.

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